Cruise Tags, Narrow Luggage Etag Holder Zip Seal Steel Loops 8 Pack


Set Includes:8 Pack of Cruise Ship Luggage Tags (Narrow). The narrow cruise tags
maximum insert size is 6.5″*2.75″(Outer Dimensions: 8.26″*2.95″).Additional colorful
steel stainless loops,4 colors with 8 steel loops. Colorful Steel loops: The rainbow steel loops help you easy to find your luggage and
be eye-catching.Pretty good cruise tags.You could use different color steel loops to
attach your luggage intend to distinguish different suitcase. High quality and better service to you:Strong stainless steel loop intend to prevent
your tag from getting wet and attach to your luggage better. Our PVC material thicker
than other cruise luggage tag and the colorful metal steel loops would safely attach to
your suitcase. Waterproof &Easy to use: Insert your cruise luggage tag into the pouch and seal it. Protect your e-tag from getting wet.Keep your luggage safe. What kind of cruise lines do they apply to? Major cruise line.



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